On hand prescription drug management tools

Get real-time prescription updates, important medication information and cost-saving tools all in the palm of your hand.

Download the Magellan Rx app today and get access to:

Real-time prescription updates

The Magellan Rx app makes it easy to see where a prescription is in the review process

Drug information and education

Get detailed clinical information about your medications

Cost management tools

Get accurate drug pricing from nearby pharmacies so you can make the best decision on where to fill your prescription

Notifications for prescription refills

Receive notifications for prescription refills, severe drug-drug interactions, and prior authorization status updates

Pharmacy claims history

View a detailed history of previously filled prescriptions including price paid

Schedule home delivery

Refill your home delivery prescription and compare costs against nearby pharmacies

Real-time Rx updates

Transparency is key and the Magellan Rx mobile app makes it easy to see where a prescription is in the review process with 6 easy statuses.
  • Ready: Your prescription is ready for you.
  • Not Ready: Your prescription is not ready for you yet.
  • Under Review: Your prescription's prior authorization is under review.
  • Needs Approval: This prescription needs a prior authorization.
  • Quantity Limit: The prescription has exceeded the prescribed quantity limit.
  • Not Covered: This prescription isn't covered by your plan.